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  2. Initiatives for the new corona

Initiatives for the new corona

  • NagoyakateiMiyoshi, we take the following preventive measures for the new coronavirus (COVID-19) with the health and safety of our customers and staff in mind.

Initiatives in public spaces within this facility

  • ・We ventilate and disinfect the facility and guest rooms.
    ・We disinfect all common areas, elevators and toilets, doorknobs and switches that touch the hands of customers and staff.
    ・Room keys are always sterilized with alcohol at the front desk.
    ・Disinfectants are placed at the entrance on the 1st floor, the front desk, the corridors on each floor, the dining venue, and the bathtub.

Infection prevention measures at the dining venue

  • ・At breakfast, we have a set interval so that we can secure a certain interval for each customer group.
    ・Supper is provided in a private room only for customers.
    ・We have canceled the explanation of the dishes for dinner and are responding with the menu.(If you have any questions please ask)

Infection prevention measures in the bath

  • ・Bathtubs, bathrooms, etc. are cleaned with a bathroom cleaner, and chlorine is injected into the hot water of the bathtub.
    ・We regularly disinfect undressing baskets and equipment with alcohol.
    ・The door of the dressing room is always open for ventilation.
    ・If it is crowded with other customers, please avoid crowding and use it at a different time.

Initiatives for hotel guests

  • ・At check-in, we will ask you about your health condition.
    ・We may refuse those who use a non-contact thermometer for 37 degrees 5 minutes or more, and those who cannot wear a mask.
    ・In this facility, except for the bathroom in the large communal bath, we ask that you always wear a mask except in the guest rooms.

Initiatives for employees

  • ・All staff wear masks and disinfect their hands.
    ・We check your health condition (fever, vomiting, diarrhea) when you go to work, and if you have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher and have symptoms such as coughing, we advise you to wait at home.
    ・We practice hand washing, alcohol disinfection, and gargling before work, after using the restroom, and before serving customers.

Request to customers

  • ・Those who have cold-like symptoms or poor physical condition, those who have a fever, those who have a fever for several days, those who have fatigue (malaise) or dyspnea (dyspnea).
    In the above cases, please refrain from visiting the museum.

From the service manager

  • As a culinary inn in the city center, we value "Japanese" and "creative kaiseki cuisine" and will continue to create a restaurant that will be loved by everyone for a long time.In July 2020, the 6th floor Yuden was converted to an open-air bath, and an open-air bath and sleeping bath were added to renew it so that Three CsI would be extremely happy if you could refresh your mind and body safely and securely and add it to one page of good memories.Please spend a leisurely time at the NagoyakateiMiyoshi