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Cooking is the big passion of a small inn

A variety of fresh seafood and freshly picked vegetables for each season, carefully selected by the enthusiastic chief chef.Enjoy delicious Kaiseki cuisine with Nagoya specialties.We cook based on traditional Japanese cooking techniques that bring out the original flavor of the ingredients.We always strive to create dishes that bring a smile to the faces of our customers, taking great care not to overdo the flavor of the ingredients.【From the chief chef】

Classic dishes

An army of enthusiastic and skilled chefs will carefully examine the fresh ingredients of the season and enjoy delicious creative dishes including Nagoya specialties.
Ise / Mikawa Bay is cooked in a restaurant-like style.
  • Sosaku Kaiseki Meal

    【Nagoya specialty】
    For those staying overnight, we have arranged the menu to include nagomeshi (Mini Hitsumabushi (eel dish), Kishimen (flat noodles)).
    Based on traditional kaiseki cuisine, we order delicious ingredients and rare vegetables from all over the country, including local seasonal ingredients, and the creative dishes that make use of our wisdom and experience are exquisite.

    The land of Owari Mikawa, which is supplied by the sea, mountains, rivers, and areas blessed with fertile agricultural land.
    You will enjoy creative kaiseki cuisine prepared with confidence by a corps of skilled chefs focusing on these natural ingredients.
    Basically, meals will be served in a private room or restaurant.

    *In addition to creative kaiseki cuisine, we also accept various hot pot dishes.
    *Same-day reservations can also be accepted depending on availability.
    (Please contact us in advance.)
  • Breakfast

    Breakfast is an important source of health and promise of success throughout the day.
    Start with Japanese food culture, which is based on rice and miso soup.
  • For children

    This dish focuses on hamburgers, fried shrimp, and chawan mushi.
    Depending on your budget, we also offer adult dishes.

    If you have any allergies, please contact us in advance.

    *For children's groups, there is also a menu selection.
  • Nagoya food

    Sea of Mikawa Ise and Sea of Mikawa,Kiso Sansen (three rivers).
    Owari Nagoya is a collection of seafood and mountain products from the vast Nobi Plain and the mountains surrounding it.
    Thanks to the blessings, the guests added Nagoya specialties (Mini Hitsumabushi (eel dish), Kishimen (flat noodles)) and Mini Hitsumabushi (eel dish) the arranged delicious kaiseki cuisine.
  • drink

    Drinks include beer / alcohol / cold sake / wine / whiskey (Yamazaki, Chita, Kaku) / shochu (selected barley, potato, rice) / plum wine / sour liqueurs / non-alcoholic beer / Soft drinks are available.

    There is also an all-you-can-drink plan.

    Please contact us for details.