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Group plan student

  • Please contact us for your budget.
    It is used by a large number of schools as a support inn for children, students, and students.The dishes prepared by the restaurant chef corps are very popular in terms of both taste and volume.

    Capacity:90 people
    Meal content:Set menu with Nagoya specialties
    Number of rooms:17 Japanese-style rooms
    Bathroom:15 people(Boys)/15 people(Girls)
    Big Hall:Yes/110 people
    Parking:4 buses/15 regular cars
    Room rate(Reiwa 4th year):9,680 yen/elementary school student(Tax included) ~ 
    *Please contact us for details
  • A culinary inn near Nagoya Station.
    It is convenient for staying at sports training camps / expedition games and circle / seminar training camps in the city.We also accept launch compa separately.Why don't you make a page of memories of your school days with your friends in NagoyakateiMiyoshi?
    *We accept consultations on prices and meals.Please feel free to contact us.