●Nagoya City Accommodation Campaign(Orca night)
●Prefectural split / block split(Aichi trip)

This facility is a member facility of the above campaign where you can stay at /// profitable ///.


7 minutes walk from Nagoya Station on the Shinkansen.A culinary inn where passionate creative kaiseki cuisine and tatami culture flowers bloom

Enjoy creative kaiseki cuisine with Nagoya specialties prepared mainly from natural ingredients at an urban designer inn.
Seafood and mountain products are collected from Ise / Mikawa Bay, the vast Nobi Plain and the mountains surrounding it.
Owari Nagoya the market in Owari Nagoya, and in the distance, seek delicious ingredients and enjoy creative cuisine with all your heart.
Flowers bloom while chatting while drinking in a Japanese-style room with modern Japanese tatami mats and a hall that can accommodate 100 people.
You can rediscover the goodness of Japanese culture while enjoying the important memories and spaces where you can communicate and deepen your bonds.

Let's stay in Nagoya! "Orca night"

  • Let's stay in Nagoya! "Orca night"

    ●Target person
    ・Residents of Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Shizuoka and Nagano prefectures
    *Vaccine / test package must be applied.
    →For the latest information, go to "" Shachi Tomari "Official Homepage"

    ●Discount period
    From June 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023*Until check-out on March 1st
    →For the latest information, go to "" Shachi Tomari "Official Homepage"

    ●Sales period
    Phase 1/2022.05.23 to 2022.08.31
    Second stage/2022.09.01 to 2022.11.30
    3rd term/From 2022.12.01 to 2023.02.28
    *It will end as soon as the limit set for each period is reached.
    →For the latest information, go to "" Shachi Tomari "Official Homepage"

Aichi Travel e-Money Campaign

  • Aichi Travel e-Money Campaign

    ★Finally restarted!
    Residents of Aichi, Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, Nagano, Fukui, Gifu and Shizuoka.
    *Vaccine / test package must be applied.
    →For the latest information, go to Aichi Prefecture "Aichi Journey e-Money Campaign Secretariat"

    Campaign period
    May 9th-August 31st, 2022 ☆It has been extended! ☆
    (Including check-out on September 1st)
    →For the latest information, go to Aichi Prefecture "Aichi Journey e-Money Campaign Secretariat"

    【From prefectural discount to neighboring prefectural discount】
    ・It has been expanded to cover the residents of the neighboring prefectures.
    ・If you live in Mie prefecture, please check the latest information.
    →For the latest information, go to Aichi Prefecture "Aichi Journey e-Money Campaign Secretariat"

Three points of beauty

  • Recommended points!

    The characteristics of beauty are summarized in three.
     ① Use of meals only is welcome!
     ② Japanese hospitality, Japanese-style room and Japanese food.
     ③ 7 minutes walk from JR Nagoya Station

Countermeasures against Novel Coronavirus Disease

  • About the efforts of this facility

    At this facility, we are taking measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases based on the latest information so that you can use it safely and securely.

    ・Please cooperate with temperature measurement and hand disinfection at the time of visit
    ・Please wear a mask outside the guest room.
    ・Supper is served in a safe and secure private room

    Available in all guest rooms
    ・Air purifier with high-performance HEPA filter
    ・Alcohol disinfectant ・Three Cs avoidance ・Sufficient ventilation

Safe and secure dinner

  • Three Cs One step ahead of dense avoidance

    We are actively introducing the latest equipment as well as social distance and ventilation so that you can use your dinner safely and securely.We are also waiting for small groups to use the dinner.

    ・We are also waiting for meals only.
    ・It is safe and secure as it will be provided in a private room.
    ・In addition to the latest air purifiers, we provide adequate ventilation as needed.

Proof of safety and security

  • Aista certification

    This facility has passed the "Aista Certification" in Aichi Prefecture.

    Aista certification is a certification system for infection prevention measures by third-party certification so that you can spend your time safely and securely at restaurants in Aichi prefecture.Please use with confidence.

A dining venue that takes safety and security into consideration

  • Small group dinner

    For family dinner.
    In addition to ventilation and social distance, we have introduced the latest air purifier that uses UVC ultraviolet rays to realize a safe dining venue.Please use it at ease.
  • Small and medium banquet hall

    From small family events to corporate banquets
    We will prepare a banquet hall according to the number of people.
  • Large banquet hall(With stage)

    We will prepare a large banquet hall that can accommodate up to 100 people (school method).
    You can enjoy your meal in a calm room without worrying about other groups.
    Karaoke is also available at the banquet hall.
    It is a mobile karaoke set.
    *The number is limited, so please understand if there is a shortage.(Advance reservation required)
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Shinkansen Nagoya Station on the Shinkansen, complete with parking lot

Google Map

Hotel Name



2-16-3 Noritake, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

Telephone number



7 minutes walk from the Shinkansen Exit Nagoya Station*There is a pick-up service from Nagoya Station
About 10 minutes by car from Nagoya Expressway Nishikibashi IC, Kogane IC, Karasumori IC*Free parking is available.
About 50 minutes by car from Chubu Centrair International Airport and about 45 minutes by Meitetsu

【About transportation from Nagoya Station】── Two or more people until 22:00.
We will pick you up from the front entrance Bic Camera just outside the Shinkansen Exit (Taiko-dori Exit
Please contact us.
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Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.


From 6:30 in the morning to 23:30 in the evening