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  • We are looking forward to seeing you from a small number of people.
    At NagoyakateiMiyoshi, we are committed to the health and safety of our guests and staff, and provide a safe and comfortable dining experience.

Enjoy a comfortable dining experience in a private room.

  • ・NagoyakateiMiyoshi, we will prepare a private room for all guests.
    ・We will prepare a room as large as possible so that you can keep a wide distance from your neighbors.
    ・We will thoroughly sanitize our hands to serve customers.
    ・I'm sorry to explain the dishes on the menu.
    *If you have any questions, please ask.
  • Dinner style

    ・We will provide it in a completely private room system.
    ・It is usually prepared as a set.If you request, we can prepare chair table seats where you can enjoy dinner even if you are not good at sitting on the floor for a long time, so please contact us.
    ・Even after the transition to Category 5 infectious diseases, we pay close attention to the size of the room, the distance from the neighbors, ventilation, etc.
  • The latest air purifier

    We have introduced the latest commercial air purifier "UVC Air Sterilizer".

    Ultraviolet rays UVA, UVB, and UVC are known to have bactericidal and virus inactivating effects, but UVC, which is particularly effective, is absorbed by the ozone layer and hardly reaches the surface of the earth.The UVC lamp inside the device strongly generates ultraviolet rays with a high sterilizing and inactivating effect.The virus inhaled with the air into the device is inactivated by UVC and discharged again in a clean and safe condition for the human body.

    *An air purifier equipped with an air sterilizer or HEPA filter will be provided at the venue.
  • By appointment only

    ・We will arrange the room size and seating arrangement according to your plan so that you can truly enjoy "hospitality with food".Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the complete reservation system.
  • Free transfer available

    ・Equipped with 2 buses.Free transfer within 15 to 20 minutes.(Reservation required / consultation required)
    ・Free parking for guests.However, people who come by car are strictly prohibited from drinking alcohol.